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What is YAP?

The Youth Adventure Program (YAP) is a series of one-week courses designed to encourage career exploration in fields of interest to gifted-and-talented students. The camp is open to any student entering 6th through 12th grade in the Fall of 2020. YAP applicants are typically students who are highly motivated to learn, think, and solve problems, and they typically have a strong interest in going to a college, university, and/or professional school. Each YAP participant selects one area of interest and studies that area for the weeklong session, receiving in-depth insights into the experiences of professionals in that particular field. Applicants are admitted on a first-come basis.


Where is YAP held?

YAP campers are housed at The Cambridge, a private dormitory located near the Texas A&M campus that features suite-style accommodations and double-occupancy bedrooms. YAP is a residential summer camp meaning that campers stay with us for the duration of the week.

When is YAP held?

The Youth Adventure Program is hosted for different age groups during different weeks of the summer. In 2020, our schedule is as follows:

YAP TAMU: June 14-19 (for rising 12th graders)
YAP Session 1: June 21-27 (for rising 8th-11th graders)
YAP Session 2: July 12-17 (for rising 6th-9th graders)
YAP Session 3: July 19-25 (for rising 9th-12th graders)

YAP Japan – eSports and Professional Gaming: June 1-10 (for rising 9th-12th graders)
YAP Washington, D.C. – Constitutional Law: June 28 – July 5 (for rising 9th-12th graders)
YAP Iceland – Geosciences: July 25 – August 1 (for rising 9th-12th graders)

Campers may enroll in multiple sessions, but only one session of either YAP Session 1, 2, or 3.

When is YAP check-in?

Check-in for all sessions of the Youth Adventure Program is between 3:30-5:30 p.m. on the day each session begins. Parents or guardians should plan to deliver YAP students to the dormitory on the first day of their respective session. Detailed driving directions to the dorm will be included in your information packet — once accepted to the program. Early check-in is not allowed.

How much does YAP cost?






YAP Session 1


YAP Session 2


YAP Session 3





YAP Japan


YAP Washington, D.C.


YAP Iceland


Only a deposit payment is required at the time of registration. All payments are fully refundable through April 3rd, 2020.

Payment in full is also accepted at the time of initial registration.

All prices are all-inclusive. Camp tuition covers dorm accommodations, full meal services, instructional materials, transportation around campus, professor fees, a camp t-shirt, and all recreational events. Students may wish to bring spending money for personal expenses.

Who teaches YAP courses?

University professors and other professionals teach YAP classes. Session leaders introduce concepts and principles with the major emphasis for YAP students applying those through discussion and hands-on activities.

What is an average day like in YAP?

Classes usually meet from 9-11:30 a.m. and 1:30-3 p.m. Monday through Friday, but YAP also includes a significant portion of social and recreational time in the late afternoons and evenings to provide for student interaction in other settings. These activities can range from swimming or athletic activities at the Texas A&M Rec Center to nights out around town, scavenger hunts and energetic team competitions.

YAP is an action-packed week that provides valuable career insights and creates lifelong friendships.

How do I register for YAP?

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How do I get to YAP?

Most students are brought to YAP by their parents, grandparents or guardians. Students and parents should plan to arrive at the camp dorm between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. on the first day of the appropriate session. Please contact the YAP office and inform us if your child is a licensed driver and will be driving himself or herself to camp.

Can air transportation and transportation to/from the airport be arranged?

Yes. Parents or guardians who wish to have their student arrive via air will need to <a href=””>contact our offices</a> to complete a travel information form prior to arrival.

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