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Course Information & Sessions

Summer 2020 Sessions

COVID-19 Update: YAP 2020 has been cancelled due to the global pandemic. We are eager to return in the summer of 2021.

Each camper is allowed to enroll in one of our traditional courses per year. All of our traditional courses are located in College Station and are offered during the following dates:

YAP TAMU: June 14-19 (for rising 12th graders)
YAP Session 1: June 21-27 (for rising 8th-11th graders)
YAP Session 2: July 12-17 (for rising 6th-8th graders)
YAP Session 3: July 19-25 (for rising 9th-12th graders)

Additionally, YAP offers select study abroad sessions each year. Campers are allowed to register for these study abroad sessions as a stand-alone session or in addition to one of our traditional YAP courses. This year, our study abroad sessions are as follows:

YAP Japan – eSports and Professional Gaming: June 1-10 (for rising 9th-12th graders)
YAP Iceland – Geosciences: July 25 – August 1 (for rising 9th-12th graders)

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Course Information

Attending Texas A&M University (YAP TAMU)

Is it your desire to attend Texas A&M? Want to spend Saturday sawing ’em off at Kyle Field? Want to stroll through campus saying “Howdy” to your fellow Aggies? Dreamed about participating in traditions from Midnight Yell to Muster? If so, this class will help you meet your goal of getting into one of the preeminent universities in Texas and the most prestigious school in the SEC. Especially designed for rising 12th graders beginning the college application process, this course is structured to educate and equip students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to enhance their college readiness level and fully plan and prepare for entrance into higher education. This high-impact college readiness course includes: customized writing workshops; assistance in the development of resumes and generation of responses to the “Apply Texas” college application essays from HELP ; personalized meetings with undergraduate academic advisors from several colleges on the TAMU campus; scholarship information; and in-depth camp activities and events that help students experience the “overall” Spirit of Aggieland. All participants will leave the week ready to apply to college and gain a clearer understanding of their own unique and individual paths to get “to and through” Texas A&M University.

Biotechnology (YAP Session 1)

Have you wondered how companies like 23andMe or ancestryDNA can tell you the “story” of your DNA using only your saliva? This class is designed to expose students to the modern world of biotechnology, where they will learn how to “read” and manipulate the genetic code. Through specially designed laboratories and demonstrations, participants will be introduced to the scientific principles behind several cutting-edge technologies, including genetic profiling, molecular imaging, and DNA technology, all while obtaining hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. This course goes well beyond what can be learned in traditional teaching laboratories and highlights the exciting aspects of a career in biotechnology-related fields.

Forensics (YAP Session 1)

True to the nature of the forensics fields, students will learn to use anthropological, biological, chemical, and mechanical procedures to analyze a crime scene and determine the nature and cause of a crime. Trace evidence collection procedures (dusting for prints, shoe tread and type, document analysis, etc.) will be combined with advanced criminal techniques (blood splatter analysis, black light technology) to help students work on a crime scene where students must piece together the evidence and crack the case!

Imagineering (YAP Session 1)

True to the automated and animated world created by Disney Imagineers, students will follow the Imagineering Process to plan a theme park attraction from ideation to construction.  Drawing from concepts from Disney Research, students will take off on a flight of passage to explore a career that uses scientific and technological innovation to fuel innovation and enhance entertainment.   Working together in small teams, students will learn how to fabricate systems that utilize Optics, Robotics, Automation, 3D Printing, and other emerging STEM technologies. Groups will document and combine their efforts to prototype a ride, while applying concepts from the growing field of Human-Computer Interaction to speculate how the explored emerging technologies may impact theme parks and society. Students will practice the creative, technical, and communicative skills needed to design their own Experimental Protoype Community of Tomorrow and Imagineer their Future in this field!

Medicine (YAP Session 1)

Using the high-tech facilities at Texas A&M’s Health Science Center, students will be immersed in a simulated medical environment through specially designed laboratories and demonstrations. Learn basic surgical skills including suturing and stitching. Practice starting an IV and taking blood on synthetic limbs. Learn anatomy to properly read and analyze x-rays. Take vitals and work on your bedside manner as you diagnose and treat a robot patient who will voice their symptoms and complaints. All instruction is geared to give a real-life and hands-on glimpse into the field of medicine. This is your opportunity to determine if a career in medicine is right for you!

Photojournalism (YAP Session 1)

Students in the Photojournalism class will hone their camera skills (both photo and video), learn how to use audio and lighting equipment, and practice with editing software to compile a class anthology of compelling visuals to tell a story in a professional and personal way.

VizKids: Graphic Design (YAP Session 1)

The VizKids: Graphic Design course will provide experience with the concepts and techniques used in graphic design including typography, use of color, design principles, integration of type, graphic elements, and images. Working individually and as part of small teams for conceptual thinking and problem solving, students will mold and shape their illustrator skills as they build a foundational knowledge of Adobe and other design-centered software. Campers are not required to have past experience with technology or design, but will be expected to embrace both traditional and computer enabled processes.

Architecture (YAP Session 2)

Participants enrolled in this course will work closely with university faculty to gain an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals associated with careers in the field of Architecture. The program will immerse students into a design studio environment that mimics those required of students in the College of Architecture. Specially selected class projects will focus on people, places and spaces. Students will produce two- dimensional representations and three-dimensional models to better understand architectural design processes leading to the formulation of innovative and creative of ideas. Teams of students will design a 3D model of a “light tower” exploring form, space, materials and light. This beacon will beckon students to
explore architecture as a career goal while illuminating opportunities the profession provides.

Law School (YAP Session 2)

Have a “sustained” interest in attending law school? In this class you will take a case from the beginning all the way through trial in front of a real judge in a courtroom. Students will learn rules of evidence and criminal trial procedures as well as the substantive law applicable to your case. You’ll learn about the rules of professional responsibility required of ethical lawyers. Finally, be “briefed” on how to construct opening and closing arguments, interview and cross-examine witnesses, and tell a persuasive story to the jury. The verdict is in … through participating in this class it will be “plaintiff” see if you have what it takes to be a trial lawyer!

Physical Sciences (YAP Session 2)

Are you “magnetically” attracted to the world of Physics? Care to “mix” it up with some “elements” of Chemistry? This class highlights all of the scientific aspects that “matter” in our everyday life. Students will be exposed to exciting laboratories and demonstrations while being introduced to the science principles that they will take as they progress through high school and highlight the exciting (and explosive) aspects of careers in these “magnetic” fields.

Veterinary Medicine (YAP Session 2)

This program will introduce participants to what it takes to get into vet school, what it’s like once you are in, and what career options you have once you get out. Get a closer look at radiology, see if you can handle herpetology, and get a gut feeling about parasitology fields. Ruminate whether you can stomach a stomach as you get hands-on (and even hands-in) experience with large animals. Sew up your interest in the field by completing a small animal surgery using plush pets as patients. If you love learning about creatures that slither, crawl, bounce, and pounce, this class is for you!

VizKids: Animation (YAP Session 2)

The VizKids: Animation course will provide students with experience with storytelling through animation giving students a “bit” of a look at what working at Pixar is all about. Using a variety of media, including hand-drawn and computer software, students will work individually and as part of small teams to develop animated shorts. They’ll learn how to create expressive character movement, stage cameras, convey emotion through timing and posing. Campers are not required to have past experience with technology or design, but will be expected to embrace both traditional and computer enabled processes.

Performance Theatre (YAP Session 2 - YAP Session 3)

*This is a special 2-week course that runs from YAP 2 through YAP 3. The cost of this course is $1999 to account for the cost of an extra week of instruction, meals, lodging, and recreation.*

From hamming it up on stage to studying the cultural phenomenon of “Hamilton,” scholars and artists in the academic discipline of Performance Studies look at performance across all aspects of everyday life. This course will help students cultivate their talents and interests in the fine A.R.T.S. (artistic representation and thinking skills). Students with interests in music, theatre, and world cultures will participate in sessions that focus on music, acting, directing, performance technology, cultural history, choreography, and craftmanship. Exciting, hands-on sessions include steel pan band, costume design, staging, lighting, music, and movement. Students will work in a creative and collaborative environment to devise and develop a unique performance which will be presented at the end of the course. The experience will culminate with a trip to Houston to see Hamilton and a class performance of their own original material at the end of the session.

Entrepreneurship (YAP Session 3)

Want to learn what the “big idea” is with Entrepreneurship? Learn about business by doing business with your own lean startup in just five days. Startup Aggieland staff will introduce students to principles of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship towards learning the lean startup methodology for developing businesses and products. You’ll learn the basics of creating an innovative product using consumer driven design principles. Think you could swim with the sharks in the tank? Participants will hone their presentation skills and pitch potential investors with guidance from Startup Aggieland’s network of mentors and student entrepreneurs. Through this class you’ll learn how to launch a new venture, validate your market, and discover ways that you can explore entrepreneurship on your own. Have fun learning how to make your ideas stand out by “Starting Up!”

Mechanical Engineering (YAP Session 3)

This class will give students a Dwight “Look” into the College of Engineering here at Texas A&M University. Explore the systems design process and see your creations come to life through brainstorming, collaborative sketching, and 3D modeling. Learn the principles of reverse engineering as you build up your visualization skills. Get your mind in gear with hardware and software development to perform mechanical tasks.  Explore virtual elements of design in the state of the art Fischer Engineering Design Center and end the week with autonomous vehicles to see if your interests are “steered” towards automotive engineering.  This class allows students to “plug” into a variety of fields to see if they “spark” an interest in Mechanical Engineering as a career!

Nanotechnology (YAP Session 3)

Did you “Marvel” at the technology behind “Ant Man?” In this class, students will “think big” by working with materials and building structures that are 1/1000th the size of a human hair! Nanotechnology is a “growing” field making a “sizeable” impact on many different industries from energy to electronics. Students will learn how to manipulate matter and build nanostructures atom by atom. Participants will obtain hands-on experience with high-tech equipment and tools such as Electron Microscopes and Ion Beams. Explore matter on the atomic scale and learn the chemical principles of molecular self-assembly. Come explore the world as you have truly never seen it before and learn how to “use the force” to build nano-worlds. It doesn’t get any smaller than this!

Nursing (YAP Session 3)

Do you think you have what it takes to be a nurse? Students in this class will have access to the high-tech facilities at Texas A&M’s Health Science Center and be immersed in a variety of simulated demonstrations with lots of hands-on activities. Learn how to take vital signs, perform an assessment, practice taking blood on synthetic limbs, explore “gross” anatomy, take a close look at the chambers of the heart and analyze an EKG, splint an arm, scrub for surgery and much more! Interact with a robot patient who will voice its symptoms and complaints. All instruction is geared to give a real-life and hands-on glimpse into the field of nursing. Sign up “stat” to see if the “vital signs” point to this being the right career for you!

Veterinary Medicine (YAP Session 3)

This program will introduce participants to what it takes to get into vet school, what it’s like once you are in, and what career options you have once you get out. Get a closer look at radiology, see if you can handle herpetology, and get a gut feeling about parasitology fields. Ruminate whether you can stomach a stomach as you get hands-on (and even hands-in) experience with large animals. Sew up your interest in the field by completing a small animal surgery using plush pets as patients. If you love learning about creatures that slither, crawl, bounce, and pounce, this class is for you!

VizKids: Game Design (YAP Session 3)

The VizKids: Game Design course will give campers the opportunities to design and create their own video game with a small team of partners. Campers will be responsible for developing the game theme, art, game mechanics and interaction design using an easy-to-learn platform. A willingness to embrace technology is essential. Experience as an artist and/or programming skill is helpful, but not required. The most important criterion is that the camper be intrigued by the pursuit of making fun and creative interactive experiences.

eSports & Professional Gaming (YAP Japan)

Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games, YAP will make a return trip to Japan once again to study at the Tokyo School of Anime. Instead of focusing on digitalization and drawing, this year, YAP will explore “A Whole New World” of the Tokyo School of Anime, utilizing their state of the art facilities to focus on an emerging career field: eSports and Professional Gaming.

Students will learn gaming tactics and strategies from world-renowned instructors on two of four of the most popular games on the planet (Overwatch, League of Legends, Call of Duty, or PUBG). The week will culminate with their ability to showcase their skills in a fully immersive studio featuring state of the art technology that will enhance gameplay. In addition, students will spend time in the recording studio practicing their color commentary as they mic up and explore their skills as an eSports Broadcaster.

The trip will be accentuated with NEW activities and events that will include:
-Konami eSports studio tour
-VIP access to Tokyo Tower
-teamLab Borderless interactive exhibit
-Akihabara district arcade experience
-Tokyo Disneyland

Geosciences (YAP Iceland)

Students in this session will survey the four major College of Geosciences fields (Geography, Geology & Geophysics, Oceanography, and Meteorology) by surveying the waters, land, and sky of this “cool” country. With dedicated instruction led by professors from these departments, students will learn about everything from biozones to ozones, volcanoes to vanishing glaciers, and hot magma to hot springs through unique tours and activities across the terrain of Iceland.

This camp will feature field-based instruction, with immersive activities that will allow students to explore the geophysical facets and features unique to Iceland.

Students will…
-Chart a course through the topography of Iceland, with instruction on cartography and mapping
-Explore calderas and hike the Langokull glacier
-Experience the beauty of the aurora borealis and the Northern Lights
-Get sprayed by the mist of the Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysir Hot Springs
-Power your mind through a tour of a Geothermal power plant
-Watch as the tectonic plates grow apart at the rate your fingernails grow
-See how NASA is using the terrain of Iceland to prepare for a real life “Mission to Mars”